1. 4 Seasons party rentals Ltd. appreciate the opportunity to serve you as our valued customer. Please carefully read the terms & Conditions which form a part of our rental agreement and which you, as a customer, agree to pay by virtue of placing order.

2. Customer agree to use all our rental property in a careful and proper manner, comply with all applicable law and regulations, customer is responsible for any permits which may be required. customer is also responsible to map out any underground gas or utilities and let our delivery personals know about them.

3. All reservations require a minimum 30% non-refundable deposit, valid credit card, and signature of confirmation. Some rental items require a 50% non-refundable deposit from the time of reservation, such as tents, tent accessories, portable bars and dance floors.

4. Items such as barbecues, tents, tent accessories, dance floors and rental orders totaling $3000 or more, exclusive of taxes, are subject to payment due in full a minimum of 14 days prior to commencement of rental. Payment is due in full on all cancellations received less than 14 days before commencement of planned rental period

5. Please note that inventory is charged on a time out, not a time used basis. Special Orders have a strict NO CANCELLATION policy. Upon return of equipment to us (including containers, crates, lids, linen bags, etc.) in the event of missing items, administration will make a courtesy call, send an invoice via email or mail, and honor a grace period of 5 days prior to charging the credit card on file. Reimbursement for missing items which are subsequently returned late will be at the discretion of 4 Seasons Party Rentals if returned within 90 days of event rental. 4 Seasons Party Rentals reserves the right to process credit cards on file for: payments due, missing items, damaged items, cleaning fees, unscheduled delivery and/or labor, and cancellations made less than 14 days prior to commencement of the rental period.

6. Its is customers responsibility to take care, use, operation, and clean after the use of all Barbecues, Heaters, pop corn machine, cotton candy machines, and healing tank. Age limit and experience required to use and operate all above noted machine, also follow the manual to operate. 4 seasons party rental has no any responsibility occurred by use of these machines. 

7. Delivery Policies:

a) Delivery and pick-up services are available at a reasonable charge which is based on the delivery area. 

b) While we try to do our best to accommodate our clients, time requests are not guaranteed and after-hour delivery requests are subject to additional fees and staff availability.

c) Please note that delivery fees only cover tailgate drop-off and pick up and do not cover set-up or tear-down (except for tents and tent accessories). 

d) Please request equipment setup service at time of placing the order and we will gladly try to accommodate your needs.

e) 4 Seasons Party Rentals reserves the right to terminate or decline delivery due to site restrictions, dangers, or other concerns not previously noted by client.

f) Full charges will apply (for both rentals and delivery) if drivers are unable to gain access to site and the client is responsible for any extra expenses incurred while delivering the items to their location, such as parking fees. 

g) Clients do not have to be available for a delivery if they have returned a completed rental agreement and paid in advance, but are encouraged to be present. If absent, it is strongly recommended that clients ensure the delivery site is a protected and secured area since they will be responsible for any loss or damage.

h) Please check your rental items immediately upon receipt. We take extra care when preparing your order and we would like to be notified of any problems prior to your event.

8. Other Policies 

a) Clients are responsible for items from the time of delivery (or customer pick-up) to time of return. 

b) Please be sure equipment is secure when not in use and protected from rough weather. 

c) If cleaning or maintenance of items being returned is required, an invoice for time/labor used will be created and charged to credit card noted on file. 

d) Broken, damaged or missing equipment will be charged to the client at our replacement cost. 

e) Fees will be applied for all required post-cleaning including, but not limited to, smoke, tar, lipstick, ink, crepe paper/tissue paper bleeds, excessive sap, wax, grease, paint, gum, tape, wine, food, flower pollen, and any other stain or markings.

9. In event of severe weather immediately vacate the tent. Severe weather can result in risk of tent collapse and lighting strikes. During electrical storms please leave immediately. Do not touch ANY portion of the tent or attempt to secure it.

10. These policies are in place to protect our clients, our inventory, and our business. All reservations require signature and acceptance of our rental agreement. In the event of any conflict between these general policies and the rental agreement the terms of the rental agreement will prevail.

​11. 4 Seasons Party rental will not be liable for any loss, expenses, penalties, damages, costs or personal injuries, including death, suffered by anyone by reason of operation, handling, transportation, or use of rental equipment. 4 Seasons Party rental is not the manufacturer, representative, nor the agent for manufacturing; no warranties are given, expressed, or implied as to the design, quality, capacity, and/or suitability of the product a renter may rent and use. A customer may rent amusement equipment (such as dunk tanks), providing the renter acknowledges risks to property and/or person that may occur. The renter hereby assumes all liability for injury or damage that may occur (to persons or property) relating the use of amusement equipment and is 100% responsible for all supervision and third party participation of rental equipment. All participants of amusement equipment must sign an authorized release form waiver.